I’ve received death threats, says Ofwono Opondo
Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, says he has been receiving death threats from members of the “people power movement” follows MP Bobi Wine.

Appearing on the NBS “Frontline” programme, Opondo said a government that is powerless and scared about its people doesn’t go for periodic elections.

“If this government feared the people, they wouldn’t go for regular elections but we always do, wait for 2021,” the Media Centre Executive Director noted.

He said the security deployment during Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s return from America was worth it.

Opondo said this sent a message that impunity and criminality will not be accepted especially that organized by elected leaders will not be tolerated

“I think Hon. Bobi Wine is depending on wild eggs to hatch for him. Many of his supporters on social media have been bullies.”

He said Bobi Wine’s supporters have been threatening people.

“Personally, I have received threats against my life.”

Opondo went on: “Did you want us to wait for mischief to occur for us to react?”

He said Uganda’s political problems won’t be resolved in the European parliament; they will be resolved by Ugandans and probably through a popular vote.

“About the EU, there was a time when slave trade was the norm and colonialism, however, they were wrong. We shouldn’t even be going there for loans since we don’t spend them. I am not a visionist [sic].”

He said its true sometimes, intelligence may be wrong but in some instances it’s accurate and Uganda’s has been improving for the past years.

The threat has been successfully neutralized in this case, Opondo warned.

“We are going to review how media accesses restricted areas. I will continue to degrade the opposition next week and engaging them.”

Opondo said there is need to care about the youth and their quandaries but that shouldn’t be a license to take an opportunistic stunt to burn things on the streets.

“We (government) deal with issues that affect the majority. Our problem is party qualitative leadership. There has been a public outcry that there’s a lot of wastage, the creation of entities without due study and consequently, we have the multiplicity of government bodies.”

According to Opondo, the quality of leadership in NRM has gradually declined because of leaders who instead of talking in the caucus, choose to have broadcasts in the media.

“If the opposition was very efficient, they would have taken over power a long time ago, so I don’t think that all people in government are inefficient.”

Not long ago, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, said the Opposition should forget that they can remove President Museveni from power by shouting at him.

“Museveni will only go when you stop voting him. He will not go because people are shouting. Nobody is going to shout Museveni out of office, forget it. Museveni will only be removed by the people of Uganda when they vote him out of office,’’ Gen Otafiire said.

According to Gen Otafiire, there was no democracy in Uganda before NRM came to power in 1986 and that President Museveni as a pioneer of democratic practice in the country should be allowed to work and achieve the aims of NRM/NRA revolution.

“We were warriors because of justified causes. We did not fight over bananas, women, chicken and cows, no. We fought for causes but not like these ones who were seen standing on tables in Parliament, shouting and throwing chairs forgetting that you go to Parliament to legislate but not to box each other,’’ Gen Otafiire is quoted as saying.