Museveni Starts Campaign To Weaken People Power In Bobi Wine’s Ghetto

Its official President M7 has unleashed a team to go to the Ghettos and uproot Bobi Wine’s People Power structures.

According to Dr. Hillary Musoke, a PA to Museveni Secretary Lucy Nakyobe, the State House caravan is out on a mission to neutralize Bobi in the ghettos. Musoke, a former Sejusa PA whom M7 wooed in 2013 following Sejusa’s UK exile, says the Nakyobe team has been commissioned to visit all the ghettoes.

He says the poor youths in the ghettoes who have been addicted to drug abuse are going to be morally, financially and materially rehabilitated. Musoke, also a lecturer at Nkumba University, has been the brain behind the Museveni Skilling the Girl Child program which has been skilling poor unemployable young girls in Kampala.

He says they have been instructed to visit the places where the ghetto youths live and work. They have already been to Kisenyi Costa where Nakyobe delivered four motorcycles from the President who will be touring the ghettoes later.

Musoke’s revelations are similar to what Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso said on Thursday on Star FM. She said all the ghetto youths are to be herded in Bugolobi and undergo psychiatric rehabilitation for 6 months whereafter financial assistance will be extended to them.

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Nalweyiso, influential Museni secretary, said the President will be using the Bugolobi facility that used to be the headquarters of Coffee Marketing Board (later on AGOA) to house the ghetto youths (boys and girls) during the 6 months of moral rehabilitation. In the pictures hereunder are some of the photos of the Kisenyi Costa meetings which Nakyobe had with the ghetto youths during her Friday impromptu visit. Clearly the Bobi Wine ghetto backyard is under attack.

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