Money Can’t Buy Us – Ugandans Diss Bryan White After His Money Agenda Meeting

HMoney Can’t  buy love. No amount of money Museveni has that can buy Ugandans love. Brian white is standing alone with all his money and those who take his money still don’t love him.

NRM they have to use money and transport people to get people. But Bobi wine never pays or transports anyone wherever he goes. People just smell his love and his magic power of love attracts millions. No matter where he goes, normal human beings love Bobi wine. The Enugu is killing NRM people because nobody loves them for free.

Keep on hating but you can’t be loved like Bobi wine. Don’t hate Bobi wine, hate us because We are the ones loving him voluntarily without pay or force. So don’t be angry at Bobi wine. Be angry at millions of Ugandans in and outside and all normal human beings that love him across the globe for free without pay. If You enjoy hating as a hobby, Don’t just hate Bobi wine alone, multiply your hate a million times to maximize the hatred in you so that you become the biggest hater of all haters. Why fear what you don’t know and hate what you fear? Mujja kuba bulungi. Gano gakyali mabaga. The best is still to come. Muterere kuba mwewunzise. Bobi wine loves you too. Mwe mumufudde kino kyaali. Zukuka Kyarenga.

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