Bebe cool and wife zuena

“Bebe Cool is broke and still renting- Mc Kapale joins in trashing Bebe Cool
  Yes you got to see this too! Like a number of music artistes got rubbed the wrong way by Bebe Cool’s best 2017 artiste list, seems like a habitual grumbler springs up to give his dissatisfaction over all thats been going on. Mc Kapale!

      He came out to be heard too and perhaps bask in the media glory shining upon Bebe Cool and the rest before it dies out. Like he usually attacks fellow comedians Kapale decides to tell off Bebe Cool and bring him back to reality! Kapale’s reality ofcourse not Bebe’s. “Bebe Cool is still renting and need I tell you that he is very broke”

, Kapale lamented. He wasn’t mentioned on Bebe Cool’s list among the best comedians and that to him is so hurting.
 “I am not a fan of Bebe Cool that’s why it doesn’t surprise me at the things he does. Those are things totally irrelevant to this industry”. And more “none on that list will benefit from being mentioned. A jobless guy like Bebe who is as broke as I am”. What does Mc Kapale want with Bebe Cool?