Man’s calculations go wrong . But God’s calculations do not go wrong at all.
God’s mathematics is entirely different than man’s Mathematics.
For us 1+1+1 = 3
For God 1+1+1=1 ( Trinity )
Trinity is the supreme union of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. ( Gen.1:1)

The mathematics God taught Adam and Eve 

God in the beginning of the world created a beautiful garden. His creation was very meticulous. In the beginning everything was empty.( The earth, the water, the sky )
God filled the sky with Sun, moon and stars.
Earth was filled with plants, flowering and fruit bearing trees, animals etc.
The water was filled with fishes and other water bound creatures.
All that God was doing for conducting a wedding.
He created Adam and Eve
Eve = life
Adam = mud
God brought them together and taught them a wonderful mathematics. 1+1=1
When a family thinks that they are not one and one unit, that family is going to suffer.
There is no “mine,“ there is only ours in a family. The moment a family thinks 1+1= 2, it is the beginning of trouble in the family.

Two is more than millions

When Jesus was sitting near the treasury in Jerusalem Temple, there were many people lifting their bags and very loudly pouring out the money into the trumpet shaped offering boxes. But a very old poor widow came unnoticed and quietly put her offering of 2 copper coins. This was a very insignificant amount. But Jesus noticed this old woman and heard the sound of her very little offering. ( Luke 21:1-3 ) Our God is a God who can hear the vibrations of our heart. Jesus said that this woman had put the greatest amount of offering today, because she put from her heart. God looks at the heart and not in the hands. God has multiplied her amount . The two insignificant copper coins filled the offering chest in heaven.. Her offering was worth millions.

 God fraught the war for Gideon

Gideon was an unknown figure. God told Gideon to select a group of people to fight against the advancing army of the heathen military of well trained soldiers of over a lakh of the final selection , Gideon had only 300 untrained men. God said that was enough. The ratio here was 0.022 percent of untrained men against over a lakh of trained and able soldiers. . Gideon’s God was able to win a victory with this microscopic minority.

 The number God likes the most

Luke 15th chapter of the Holy Bible is a very profound chapter. It is the classic example of God’s love towards a sinner who repents. Even if there is only one individual, for that individual God is willing to sacrifice His life.This chapter explains the plan of salvation.It gives the accurate answer for the reaon for the incarnation of Jedus. Apostle Luke included 3 parables of the same nature in this chapter.
1. The lost sheep
2. The lost coin
3. The lost son

 The Shepherd and the lost sheep ( Luke 15: 3, 4 )

A man had 100 sheep. He lost one of them. He left all the 99 in a safe place and went to look for it. When he at last found the lost one before the cruel animals could finish it, he brought the lost one to his home. He called all the people from his village and had a big celebration accompanied with music, dance and good food. Heaven celebrates like this when a sinner repents and returns to God. Even if there is only one, God will search for it until He finds it.

The lost coin ( Luke 15:8 )

A woman had 10 silver coins. She lost one of them. William Barclay, one of the famous commentators of the New Testament says, that the one coin which was lost was part of her ornament. It was a popular belief in their culture that only unfaithful ladies will lose the coin from that ornament. So she was in a very difficult situation. She had to find the lost coin before everybody comes to know. Getting another silver coin will not help her. She must get the same coin which has the hook. Finally when she cleaned her house thoroughly with the help of the lamp, she found the lost coin. Then she called all her friends and neighbours and there was singing and dancing. They brought plenty of food and everybody had a very nice time. The heaven rejoices more if a sinner repents and comes back to God. Therefore, like the young lady, we must clean our heart and allow the light from Holy Spirit to penetrate to make us conscious about our own sinful nature.

The lost son ( Luke 15:15 )

The youngest son who wasted his father’s property for the pleasures of life was starving to death. He was not even getting the food available for the pigs under his care. So he decided to go to his father to ask him to give the status of a hired servant. When father saw him from far, he ran towards his son and hugged him. He brought him home and ordered the servants to arrange a big celebration.
He brought new garments for his son. ( accepted him to the family )
He gave him a new ring. ( gave him authority as son )
He brought new sandals for his feet ( Gave him a status as master over the servants. )
The slaves were not allowed to wear sandals.

The whole celebration was inside the house. The older son got upset about it when he came back from the field. Father pleaded with him to join but he refused to go in. But the Father did not stop the celebrations but he continued the programme. If a sinner comes back with repentance, heaven will be rejoicing and celebrating even for that one sinner. God does not look at the group, He looks at each individual. The New mathematics of God says that Jesus died for millions. But He also died for that thief on the cross with Him. He died for you and He died for me.
Without God, our value is zero. But when God stands with us, our value increases. We will become valuable masterpieces. Amen !

Please join with me in my ministry of spreading the gospel by sharing this message with your friends. God bless all those who read and shear this.
— DrJoseph Skariah, MA, M.Phil., Ph.D.   POWERED BY ASPIRE TO INSPIRE

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