Top 10 Longest Rivers In The World in Order

Top longest rivers

There are a number of rivers in the world but from these several rivers are the longest rivers on the globe. But measuring a length of the river is not an easy task or it is very difficult. Sometimes, we don’t know where the rivers start and end. We are wondering about which rivers are the longest all over the globe. Here, on this page, we have described the top 10 longest rivers in the world by researching some other websites,

  1. Nile

The Nile is the major flowing river which is located in northeastern Africa and is mainly considered the longest river in the world. Egypt and Sudan are the origins of Nile River. It is longest river in the world. This Nile river is 6853 kilometers long is an international river and drainage basins or resources of the river is covered by the eleven countries  Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Republic of the Sudan and Egypt. It spans an enormous journey of 4,132 miles before the mouth meets the Mediterranean Sea in the form of a vast delta in Egypt.

  1. Amazon

The Amazon River is the largest river which is situated in South America. It has the largest basin all over the world. This Amazon River is 6437 kilometers long and it is the second longest river in the world. The Amazon River has huge discharge basin which is 7,050,000 km long. The river has its origin in the South America and mouth in the Atlantic Ocean. This river is so big and so powerful. There are not any points along the river that can be intersected by a bridge. The Amazon River is the biggest tropical rainforest all over the world.

  1. Yangtze


Yangtze River is one of the longest rivers all over the globe. It is the longest and biggest river in Asia. The river Yangtze is the first in the world to flow completely within one country. The Yangtze River is called ‘Chang Jiang’ in China. The word Chang Jiang means the ‘long river’. This river is 6300 kilometres long. The Geladaindong Peak is the main source of the Yangtze River. This river plays a vital role in the history.  The Yangtze River is helping to provide excellent habitation to the Chinese Alligator. The dam builds on this river is the largest hydroelectric power generator throughout the world.

  1. Mississippi

The Mississippi River is the main river of the second largest drainage system on the North American continent. The name of the river is derived from the Native American Chippewa tribe’s ‘mici zibi’ means the ‘great river’. Hence, it is known as Mississippi river. This Mississippi river has an overall length of 6275 km. The valley of the Mississippi River is one of the most fertile agricultural regions of the nation. The Mississippi River Valley is one of the most productive or fertile agricultural sectors of the country.

  1. Yenisei

The Yenisei River is the major river which flows in Mongolia and Russia. The Yenisei is the largest river system flowing to the Arctic Ocean. It is also written as Yenisey, Enisei, Jenisej instead of the Yenisei. The Yenisei is the largest river system that flows entirely to the Arctic Ocean. The river also flows through Tuva, Khakassia and the city of Krasnoyarsk. This is a very big river which flows through 5539 kilometers long. The Krasnoyarsk Dam is the hydroelectric dam which controls the middle part of the Yenisei River.

  1. Yellow River

After the Yenisei, Yellow River is the sixth longest river throughout the world which is estimated the length of 5,464 km. This river flows in Western China. It is also known as the Huang He because it is believed to be the born place of antiquated Chinese civilization. This river is also called as ‘Cradle of Chinese Civilization’. The River is called yellow because of its lemon-coloured silt it collects from the Loess Plateau. The Yellow River is one of the longest river which flows through 5464 kilometres long.


  1. Ob River

The Ob River is also known as ‘Obi’. This river is the largest river in the world that flows in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and Western Siberia. Altay Mountains are the origins of the Ob River. It is the westernmost river of the three great Siberian rivers that flow 5410 km long into the Arctic Ocean. The name of the river is based on Russian name. It is the world’s seventh-longest river. The Ob River is generally used for various activities like irrigation, drinking water, hydroelectric energy and fishing.


  1. Parana

Parana is the eighth-longest river which is situated in South America. It is a river in South Central South America, flow through Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina for some 4880 kilometres. It is highly passable and helps to join inland cities to the sea. It also offers deepwater ports. The name of the river ‘Parana’ is an abbreviation of the specific phrase “para rehe onava”, which comes from the Tupi language and means ‘like the sea”. It means this river is the biggest like sea or ocean.

  1. Congo

Congo is the second longest river in Africa after the river Nile. It is also known as ‘Zaire River’. It is the deepest river in the world with measured depths in excess of 220 m or 720 ft. The name of the river is also written or spelled as ‘Kongo’ River.  The Congo-Chambeshi River is 4700 kilometres long. The Congo River is the most powerful or major river in the African continent and has provided hydroelectric power. This Congo River has its tributaries flow through the Congo Rainforest, which is the second largest rainforest in the world after the Amazon Forest.

  1. Amur

Amur is the tenth longest river all over the world that flow between the border of the Russian Far East and Northeastern China. The river provides habitat to other large predatory fish such as Taimen, Amur Catfish, and yellow cheek.  The Amur River is the only river where subtropical Asian fish such as snakehead coexists with Arctic Siberian fish such as pike. The Amur River is called ‘Heilong Jiang’ or ‘Black Dragon River’ in the Chinese language. The Amur River has an overall length of 4700 km.

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