Life Tips That Will Change Your Life For Ever – Donald Trump,Every time you wake up be thankful to God because have not managed to see another day or can’t walk anymore or many aren’t able to talk again always develop that mentality towards your life,

Focus on the positive things and forget things which never went well through the day because you can’t change the past it will never come back. Treat each day important because you never when is your last day to live do everything in time like you are not going to be there tomorrow but never sweat for small things always focus on bigger project so that when you’re no more you won’t regrets the life lived, at the end of the day go out enjoy the money you have worked for because when you die you can’t enjoy it anymore. Love people around you and care for everyone who may need your need when you still have energy to do so because in your last moment it will be those people you stood by when they were nothing,

Surround yourself with great people and choose positively people you associate with, be happy hang out, share values together because people who have same agendas with you in life they will always guide you and advice you how to be successful in your career. Choose good people who will help you to achieve your dreams they will always encourage you and remind your purpose in life as they say, you become of you surrounded yourself with when you choose to live with powerful great people that’s exactly you will be in life.

Learn to be stress free, enjoy your life to the fullest because there is real life than spending your life time working without resting go for a vacation and take tours around the world, feel the world and meet new people take walks along the seashores and forget the past and cherish the present because we only live once.
Treat people around you well and accept them in your life as they are and what they live in always help everyone as they are without trying to impose your life on the because they can’t be you neither you can be them just try to help them and change their life from worse to better and be nice to everyone who you meet in life because you will never predict what tomorrow may hold for you. People you mistreat today might turn out be your savior the next day.
Always wake up and start your day by watching what is happening around the world, read newspapers and keep yourself updated regardless of your job in life, after you joggle around your home and refresh your body every morning o you can go in the gym if you have it always try new things every day where you have interest such listening to music, playing play station to prepare your mind for a whole day when you this daily you will live a happy health life for your entire life.
Be a problem solver don’t allow to be kept behind when something goes wrong wake up and start finding solution don’t wait problems to hold you back in your businesses or projects and ruin your life lust treat each challenge as a new chance or opportunity to step forward in life, start to trust yourself in every obstacle you face because it is a way to go. Some people when problems come into their businesses or life they start running away but when you invest in yourself today and refuse to be on the side walk you can make decision today that will change your life forever because none of the problems were meant to stay forever.
Do what you love most this will give you peace and enjoy what you’re doing because the research shows most the people spend their entire life doing what they don’t want because they need extra money of a job, try to choose your dream career and what you have interest in because the statistics shows people who do their dream hobbies get successful within less time so rather than spending your whole life on things which doesn’t add up any value in your life always try to find what you re really good at and go to pursue it .
Forgive people who wronged you and let the paste be left behind because when you stick with the paste life tend to be hold back many things so always forgive and forget and pray God to bless you more than what you lost and never always to attend church every time you get because you are a live today because of God[s mercy and pray for other people to be blessed such as those in need of healing and orphans plus give back to God who has made you what you are today even god will add you because you remember him.
There certain things you must do all what you want to be a reality because there things which not born in supply one the thing is time, save your time keep tracking of your time because the time lost won’t come back the bible say those who redeem the time because the days Is a evil you have no extra time and life Is not a game make every day count and let each day goes by to be important to you for your life improve on yourself everyday an make sure you have put something in your life, choose to be a winner because and become an inspiration to young generation and other people, disguising yourself show your characters and make excellences in everything you’re doing and put the best in whatever you’re doing and change your life and whatever you do now do it in a best way as the first time because success is waiting for that only who will wake up say am going to this project and he do it in a best way because the world wants those people who can work and bring out their best out of their lives.