Let’s Start Poverty Tourism – Mp Nambooze Cautions The tourism Minister Kiwanda

(Annews24.com) Kampala – Open letter to minister Kiwanda by the honorable Mp Nambooze , here it reads ; Dear State Minister for Tourism, Mr. Kiwanda,

When you were appointed Minister, you first paraded yourself with a Uganda flag, you took to Rolex Chapatis, you started the Tulambule campaign to inspire local tourism, prearranged musicians Kenzo and Ronald Mayinja as tourism Ambassadors, then you went for the Emputa festival and now you are parading my young sister Zari as our new-fangled ambassador.

In a few days, Zari the Boss Lady together with you have been all over taking pictures. Zari has modelled carrying a basket of potatoes harvested from a Banana plantation in sandals! She has also taken pictures tethering or talking to goats . Additionally Zari has been photographed walking heavily guarded on the Kampala streets which in itself is self-defeating since the appearance of AK47 war guns send away tourists.

(Mp nambooze) Image ©️Facebook

There is nothing bad with Zari being one of our tourist ambassadors. She has a certain category of people she can definitely pull to Uganda especially from the East African region where she has a big following. Inappropriately, those tourists of the Zari calibre can’t be interested in Lumonde or tethering goats…this is the life they ran away from when they chose to look like bazungu. For proper forecasting, Zari would be showcasing hotel lodgings, high end cafeterias, famous casinos, beaches, dance halls and bars. Zari’s catch phrases would be for example “Escape to…. safari lodge with your new catch for a weekend or Puff yourself away with Sisha as you gamble to richness at City Casino” or something in that line. OKITEGEERA?

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Away from Zari, Ssebo Minister , I wish to draw your attention to an extra tourism opportunity which is poverty and you instantaneously need to bang into this prospect. Poverty tourism – which would involve touring Uganda’s poor and impoverished homes henceforth bringing in a lot of currencies from both foreign and local rich tourists who would fancy to know how the poor live.

Touring the homes of the deprived will be voyeuristic and classic for the rich. The local tourism business would flourish as the children of the rich are taken to see firsthand how the poor survive and endure in mindboggling conditions…people who are famished, share accommodation with livestock, those who sleep on lawn grass and sedge mattresses, societies that live without water and the few who access share the same with fauna.

I will volunteer to locate for you the tourism site in Nakifuma in Mukono, where residents swapped their names for a piglet and started referring themselves by the name of a Canadian donor Honesleth. Trust me it would be so humorous to visit a village where each and everyone has a similar name and wears a tag with that name all day…. more fun would be drawn from taking pictures of these people carrying their pigs.

Sure Keith Muhankanizi’s children might not know that Pineapples are not made in South Africa, that pumpkins are not manufactured in a certain factory or that Lumonde doesn’t grow on banana plantations as Zari’s potato pose seems to suggest. The bazungu would very much love to visit the manyatas in Karamoja, look at undressed children and half-dressed grownups, you would arrange tours in the slums of Katanga and Kivulu or Katooke in where people mix with faecal sludge in Kampala.  For sure life in the slums is what these tourists have never seen and can’t envisage.

You can also arrange for tours in Ugandan schools for tourists to see sedentary pupils in dust, without shoes and doing away without meals the whole day. The tourists can be advised to go with biscuits and sweets to such schools to throw at the pupils then take pictures as the children fight for these items. Tourists actually need to visit places like Lugazi hospital and see patients asleep on the dirty floor, Luzira prison and see how prisoners leave in deplorable conditions.

Hope you have got my point Hon. Minister Kiwanda; and am only being patriotic and inventive in suggesting this…. the Ugandan government should learn cashing in from the widespread poverty and maladministration in our motherland; the Pearl of Africa. You may choose to invite me for a meeting to expound on my brilliant idea.
Hehehehehe Kyoka Nambooze!