Kenya And Nigeria WillLead Africa’s Economy In 20 years from now -CNN live stream

Image ©️Teletha

(Annews24) -France -Kenya and Nigeria have been projected to lead African economies in the next 20 years, according to CNN viewers. CNN on Wednesday asked its viewers to vote the countries they think would lead Africa in the said period.

According to the tallied vote, 43 per cent said Nigeria would while Kenya garnered 41 per cent of the vote.

South Africa was at position three with 9 per cent followed by Ethiopia at 7 per cent.

The question was posed by CNN’s business reporter Richard Quest while he was interviewing Kenya Airways Board Chairman Micheal Joseph.

The report followed in the wake of the World Bank projecting positive prospects for Kenya’s economic growth.

The Bretton Woods institution said the country is on an upward trend despite the hitches staged by the disputed 2017 election.

In the ranking, Kenya’s attractiveness to investors improved 19 places to position 61 out of 190 economies.