Kenya: 2 Teachers Killed By Alshabab and High School Residence set on Fire

A Wednesday early morning attack at Arabia Boys Secondary School in Mandera left two teachers dead, police have confirmed.

During the attack, the school staff room was burnt down, area MCA Abdiaziz Dakat told Daily Nation on Wednesday morning.

Police in a statement on Twitter stated that there were police reservists guarding the school at the time of the attack.

The reservists reportedly engaged the attackers who then fled as more reinforcements were being mobilized to contain the attack.

“All other teachers and students are safe and no other part of the school was affected. The hunt for the attackers is ongoing,” the statement from the police reads in part.

The school has four non-local teachers.

In September, suspected Al Shabaab militants killed two people in an on a bus heading to Hulugho, Garissa county.

Reports indicated that the criminals managed to escape before the arrival of military officers.

Sources stated that the criminals commanded the driver of the Kilas bus to stop before demanding that the passengers produce their Identification Cards (IDs).

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