Keep An Eye on Your MPs As We Discuss About The Mobile Money Tax – Bobi Wine,After the torture and seriou beatings , the member of parliament from Kyadondo East constituency has this morning urged all Ugandans to keep a keen Eye on their

MPs as they discuss about the (OTT)  today , this bill was tabled and it has been working since so today , the parliament has called the motion again . In his his word, Bobi Wine stated that ;

We the people of Uganda rejected this unfair and immoral mobile money and social media tax right from the word go. And we meant it. Government has since been trying to find ways of entrenching it using intimidation,imprisonments and finally proposing that they reduce the mobile money tax to 0.5%. WE DID NOT SAY REDUCE THE TAX! WE SAID #THISTAXMUSTGO. Today we go back to Parliament to vote against this tax. Friends,keep your eyes on the Parliamentary social media platforms as they stream live and on TV (if they dont switch them off).
Look out for your member of parliament to  ensure that your voice is represented. #Mwebeleremu