katumba speech at nkoyoyo burrial

Gen, katumba wamala addressing
“Am one of the people who talked to the late Nkoyoyo a few hours before he passed away. We talked for one and ahalf hours and he was so worried because of what is taking place in the country and he told me he wasnt sure the country will return to peace and I assured him that things were going to normalise.” Katumba Wamala to Nbs [email protected] 9:00 oclock news.
Katumba might not have known that he was giving a very disturbing revelation. So Nkoyoyo died grieving for Uganda because of the ammendment of the constitution? Self increminating testimony indeed.
In church Mrs Ruth Nkoyoyo told us that her husband had been in a stable condition until after the evening conversation with Katumba.

Was the sick man stressed into death by the Gikwateko conversation?