Inspirational story between son and daddy

please read this conversation between a SON and his DAD

Son: morning dad

dad: morning to u my son. how was ur night.

Son: dad, it was ok

dad: but why have u woken up late today

son: daddy I took a lot of time on Facebook and whatsapp yesterday.

Dad: what were u doing on face book and whatsapp all that night. have u started watching pornography.?

Son: Not even that daddy but I was telling people on Facebook and whatsapp to be thankful to their God in every aspect of life because many people have died, others are dying but the Lord is still keeping them alive and healthy.

Dad: oooh that is good my son. indeed am very proud of u and may God bless u my son

Son: thank you daddy

Dad: But do you think all your Facebook and whatsapp friends are going to read ur message now and thank their God?

Son: daddy I know most of them are going to ignore it but those who take their time to read this message, will be blessed.

Dad: my son, the bible says that many are called but a few will be chosen.

Son: but the Bible also states it clearly that those who read the message of God and put it in practice, will ever live to rejoice and those who ignore God’s word, shall perish.

At that time, the father ran towards his son and embraced him while on tears. the son got hold of his father’s hands and poured tears as a sign of God’s love.

Brothers and sisters out there, i know you are too buzzy now and you don’t have time for God. But I just request you to leave what you are doing now and just spend 3 seconds of your time and thank God by type Thank You Lord For Everything and #like this page share the post and then u do what u want. ignore it if u have your “god”

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