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It is beautiful to be you, something no one can take away from you. This is what God wants from all of us, to be unique and that is why we were all created differently, born original. Nobody can clone you, duplicate you or make a copy of you no matter how smart or intelligent they are. Not a Doctor, Magician, Pastor, etc. This is why it saddens God to see you die as a copy. Many people veered from their lane, away from what God wants them to be, and became someone else. Telling God it’s better to be fake than original (signs of a matured Christian) 

I am here to remind you, you can’t be someone no matter how much you try. This kind of behaviour is what gives birth to Jealousy; the spirit of wanting to have what is not yours, what someone else has.

It is good to admire people, celebrate them for who they are and what they do best. That is enough inspiration to keep you in pursuing your dreams and what God has embedded in you. Instead of chasing other people’s dreams, discover yourself, find out the kind of land you are then you will know the kind of seed to plant on it.

Not every seed does well on every land, but finding yourself makes you a good farmer. That is how you can become fruitful and multiply. Any other thing you need can be learnt, and in this modern world, Google is a perfect library for you.

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Stop chasing money, stop following a paycheck, you are richer than that. It is not how much you are paid that makes you rich, it’s how much you pay, how much you give from your heart that makes you rich. Once you discover your passion, follow it and you will become successful in this world; people will chase you, people will celebrate you. That is what brings you the influence and the cheques.

Many times I meet people who tell me, “I want to be like you”. I just laugh it off and say nothing. You can’t be me. I appreciate the fact that you like what I do but that doesn’t mean you should be me. Every land needs a lot of work to be done on it in order to turn it into a farm. Even the farm comes face to face with troubles before it’s able yield a harvest.

No successful farmer had it easy, everyone comes with their own story; stories of pains, hurt, struggles, disappointments, misfortune, etc. But in all these, they didn’t give up. It isn’t by accident or miracle to see people succeed in their various profession, calling, ministry or gift.

Some of us had to start as unknown, but today leave unforgettable prints in the hearts of people. It doesn’t mean I had a smooth journey; it was rough but I never quitted, rather I learnt to get a rest when I was tired.

There were days I had to walk alone in this jungle world like the lion, never turned around when people talked ill of me, and when they tried to rain on my dream, I got myself an umbrella and dreamt on. For I knew what was ahead so “I press toward the goal to the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” – “Philippians 3:14 (MEV).

In conclusion “Therefore let those of us who are mature be thus minded. And if you think differently in any way, God will reveal even this to you” – Philippians 3:15 (MEV).

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