I Will Be Sad To See Humiliated Like Mugabe, I want to see you retired in Lwakitula- Hajji Ashiraf Ssemogerere advises President Museveni

Asalaam alaikum fans. To My President. What about the NRM revolution?.

The Cuban revolution has lasted 50+ yrs.  But after 33yrs where is the NRM revolution.

One wud think that Cuba under sanctions against them from a super power (US) for 50yrs it wud have been a failed state. However Cuba survived and went to chair the non aligned states. Americans are just few miles from Cuba but they failed to stop President Castral. Yet they managed to stop;  Lumumba in Congo, Nkrumah in Ghana, Gaddafi in Libya and many others who were thousands of miles away. FBI and CIA were always there to finish the missions unless you accept to be under their control. Let’s forget about the dictatorship, luck of democracy  talked about Cuba and concentrate on their success.

The government of Cuba with their meagre resources had good social services. Food, education, medicine, and jobs were provided for the ppl. Cuba is one of the countries with the best doctors and engineers. In Cuba the ratio of doctors to the population is 1/200. Compared to Uganda’s 1/250,000. They have  the best health care system. They even export human labour in form of doctors and military personnel (abacuba).


What was the trick behind this success?.
When I was at Singo Military school for a  carder course, Oudauko one of the instructors, gave us the success story of Cuba.  That after the war, the major problem was corruption. They made it treasonable and punished with death. And for it there was no presidential prerogative of mercy.
General Analdo Ochoa Shansen a long time friend of President Castral and considered to be his number 2 in line was the first culprit. He pleaded guilty of smuggling Gold, Diamond, Cocaine, and Ivory, worth billions of dollars.           Forda just imagine President Museven and his long time friend the late Eriya Kategaya.
This incident put Cubans on tension asking questions. Whether Castral will sign the execution certificate of his long time friend, or to change the constitution and spare his friend.
Again imagine, what President Museven can do in the same situation?.
In Cuba the high command sat and brought General Shansen to say something. May be to apologize for his mistakes. That day even the international cameras were invited. Looking straight into the camera General Shansen said; “Comrade Castral the ppl of Cuba fought for this revolution. I have betrayed them. I beg that the revolution prevails. I luk to be tired. Do your work.” Castral signed the execution warrant of his long time friend with his tears falling on the paper. Two days later General Shansen was executed.

Corruption in Cuba stopped. If Castral cud execute his long time friend. What about the rest.
My President, you admired the late Castral so much. But can you emulate his example?.
How many have swindled ppl’s money and are walking around free. How many ministers have you reappointed after finding them guilty of corruption. Some are even courageous to ask the judges where they were when fighting.
It is in Uganda, where once  given a post where money passes and remain poor, you are labeled as stupid. Stealing is normal in the pearl of Africa. No wonder you are now distributing the cash yourself for fear of thieves.
This has left the NRM revolution in the intensive care unit with most of the 10 organs (10 point prog) dead.
You almost trust no body. Most of the sons you recruited have betrayed you.  They steal  everything that crosses them.  Now the Bazukulu are agitating they are hungry and angered. There are no jobs, no food, no education, and no medicine. However the dangerous drugs to smoke are in plenty.  Handling these youths don’t need bush tactics any more. But a constructive engagement.
It is the reason why I write to argue that you start to prepare for a honourable exit.
I will be sad to see you humiliated like Mugabe or General Bourogibar of Tunisia.
However I will smile to see you at Rwakitula, like Arap Moi of Kenya, the former Presidents of Tanzania, Mbeki of SA, Rawlings of Ghana, and Obasanjo in Naigeria.

Mr President, am not a politician but a concerned citizen.
Asalaam alaikum.