I warned you about the people’s power – Bobi wine as He congratulates Basalilwa

In his Facebook post , Bobi wine has congratulated basalirwa and he has made it clear that it’s time for the lung Generation.


Join me in congratulating our brother, Hon. Asuman Basalirwa on the outstanding victory in the Bugiri Municipality election. According to the provisional results, Hon. Basalirwa has won in over 95% of the polling stations with wide margins. Against all odds! This is so humbling and I must congratulate the people of Bugiri for heeding our message and owning it as their own. Abaana be’Bugiri, mwebare ino, mwebalire ilala! This victory is not only for Hon. Basalirwa. It is a victory for PEOPLE POWER. It is yet another evidence that we THE PEOPLE have THE POWER and if we exercise it, there is NOTHING we cannot achieve.

I thank the other candidates, especially our sister in the struggle, Eunice Namatende and the FDC party for running a good race. Although we were on different sides in this election, I am glad that we mostly behaved with maturity towards each other and did not lose sight of the ultimate goal to liberate our country Uganda. In this kind of struggle, we cannot agree on all issues all the time. We shall not always agree. But we must always remember that all pro-democracy Ugandans are allies and we must reflect that in word and action.

I welcome Honorable Basalirwa to the 10th Parliament. We are lucky to have him join us, and the people of Bugiri are lucky to have him represent them.

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I cannot forget to mention our comrades who were arrested for no reason whatsoever and are still in prison for over 76 hours now! While our lawyers do everything to secure their release, WE, THE PEOPLE must take note of this sickening impunity and bring it to an end.


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