I Can’t Be Silent When My Country Is Bleeding – Eddy Kenzo Roars


Singer Eddy Kenzo has addressed his fans for the first time since he survived arrest on Gravity Omutujju’s Embuzi Zakutudde concert. The Sitya Loss star was reportedly chased by policemen after he chanted the Bobi Wine ‘People Power’ slogan during his performance.
Kenzo has repeatedly been involving himself in People Power activities prompting some of his fans to think that he has also joined politics like Bobi Wine.
Now the father of two has come out to address these reports saying that he is no politician, has no plans of joining politics but he is a leader.
I am not a politician. I am not fighting anybody. I don’t belong to any political party. I have no idea how to remove some one from power. It is not my dream,” Eddy Kenzo has said in a video posted on social media.
He, however, said that he is a leader chosen by God and his calling is to lead his millions of followers.
“I am a leader. God blessed me with leadership.  I have followers. Many youths look up to me and I have to tell them what is right or wrong. Those people’s happiness is what drives me,” he said adding that all the wealth he has managed to amass has come from his fans and he therefore has to give back.
“I am a people’s servant and therefore I will not sugar coat, or pretend that the country is doing well when my countrymen are not happy,” he said.
“You can’t keep singing love songs when someone is bleeding to death next to u. I can’t be happy when my country is not happy. Many children and youths are dying. Even those in leadership, like the late Kaweesi, Kirumira, are being targeted.”
He called upon security forces to let singers speak up against injustice instead of telling them to stick to music.

“Don’t bring this propaganda mbu leave politics. I am not fighting any one. It’s not bad to talk about things as long as you are not inciting violence,” he concluded.