Hacking alert. 

I have credible information that our brothers from another state have acquired services of a spy system called Integrated Intelligence Solutions, this system can access your phone and give them real-time information that includes listening to your calls.

Through a normalization process, the solution is able to correlate data based on cognitive and semantic rules tailored for the type of analysis suitable for a specifc agency. All collected data are managed and organized into a searchable virtual database before being processed and analyzed to create actionable intelligence products.

The main features are:

▪Monitoring of wide-ranging data sources

▪Ability to track a vast number of phone calls and internet activities

▪Selective monitoring of voice conversations, web surfng and e-mails

▪Data mining and analysis of structured and unstructured databases

▪Efcient archiving and normalization of a huge amount of data

▪Accurate searching to pinpoint and extract the relevant information

▪Analysis of extracted information through visualization aids

▪Integrated case management and secure

You can avoid this by refusing to open links that come to your phone these links give spies unlimited access to your phone.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Follow our website for more information (nseribetyainvestments.ga) feel free to send us an email at ([email protected])