I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and never once I thought I’d be a Sillimanian. I was supposed to study in an Adventist school but things and plans changed.

Enrolling in a non-SDA institution wasn’t easy. A lot of times, my faith especially my sabbath-keeping was tested. Most of the activities fell on Friday nights and Saturdays; many wasted opportunities and missed events.

Others would say I didn’t had the chance to enjoy much of my college life, but all I could say is that “I had the most fulfilling college years in my life.” Being recognized as a Seventh-Day Adventist in our school was something big for me. I remember those times when exams were moved to Saturdays, my classmates would say in chorus “Hala Mam/Sir! Si Eunice dili pwede ky SDA“. Those times when events fell on Friday nights, they’d say “Hala si Eunice di kaapil kay SDA”. And that time when the 1st part of our graduation was scheduled on a Saturday, “Hala si Eunice dili kapaso kay SDA”. (The 2nd part is today, Sunday, that’s why makapaso ko )

It was then I realized that God put me here in Silliman for a purpose. Our plans failed because God has something big in store for me here. He was with me since day 1 and by His sustaining grace, I have fulfilled His purpose and will continue to raise His name as my banner as I leave the halls of Silliman.

So for those students who are also in non-Adventist schools, never be ashamed to tell the world that you are a Seventh-Day Adventist. The world may pull us down but God has prepared a reward for those who stay faithful to Him til the end. Let our difference be the message to others so that Christ may be seen in us. Let us always leave a mark wherever God may put us and make sure He is glorified wherever we may go.

For the past years, I have always clinged on to God’s promise in Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto You”. And GOD TRULY DID. This success is His doing and I will be forever grateful to Him!

All the praises and glory belong to God and God alone!

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Class of 2018

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