General Sejusa Vows To Pin Museveni before the International Criminal Court

General Sejusa pins Museveni before the International Criminal Court



A lawyer defending former Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) comander Dominic Ongwen on Tuesday began defence of the former rebel commander by playing for International Criminal Court (ICC) judges a video in which the former spy chief General David Sejusa was blaming the government for the northern Uganda war.
General Sejusa in the video accused the army of burning the civilians in the hole during the fight against the LRA leader Joseph Kony.
“For (President) Museveni, everything is about his power and anyone who challenges it, you are his enemy. If you hate people, you don’t dehumanise them for 27 years,” said Gen Sejusa.
Krispus Ayena, the defence attorney did not disclose the source of the footage or how the footage recorded was recorded.
Sejusa further said that the war in northern Uganda was acting as the cash flow for government adding that the government did not have the will to fight the rebel group.