General Kayihura Sues New Vision Newspaper Over Defamation That He was the master mind Of Kaweesa Murder

If he does sue and is successful, the former police boss will soon be more than a billion rich after dragging the government paper in court for compensation.
General Kayihura. Image ©️Sputnix

In a November 2 letter by Kayihura’s lawyers, Kampala Associated Advocates, he says he has taken note of a deliberate and sustained malicious, false and defamatory propaganda campaign by the Vision group against him.

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“You have accused our client and insinuated that he is guilty of a number of heinous crimes and in particular of the brutal and tragic murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi. You have published these insinuations with malice and in the full knowledge that the allegations are false,”Kayihura’s lawyers say in the letter.
Citing an October 9 story titled, ‘’Report into the allegations of involvement of security personnel into the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, his driver and bodyguard’’ in which the government owned newspaper alleged to have obtained a joint intelligence report, the lawyers say it was full of falsehoods.

They say despite finding out that the witnesses had been coerced and findings in the report having been fabricated, the government owned newspaper went ahead to public the alleged report to malign the former police boss’ name.
“Your newspaper claims to have evidence thoroughly discrediting the baseless allegations that our client was involved in the sinister and brutal murder of his comrade AGIP Kaweesi. Yet notwithstanding that evidence you claim to possess and even after purportedly receiving that evidence, you went ahead to run a series of malicious stories against our client knowing that the stories were false and thoroughly discredited,” the lawyers say in the letter addressed to Vision group’s Editor in chief .
Kaweesi series
The lawyers in their letter accuse the New Vision through its sister media outlets including Bukedde newspaper, New Vision TV and all the group’s online platforms including facebook and twitter of a sustained malicious and defamatory campaign against their client.
“The campaign been conducted consistently, deliberately, maliciously and on a grand and industrial scale. The alleged statements and reports are false, not protected by absolute or even qualified privilege.”
The lawyers now say they have been instructed by Gen.Kayihura to demand as compensatory, aggravated and general damages a sum of shs300 million for every story run in the New Vision, Saturday Vision, Sunday Vision, Bukedde and all Vision group news platforms for the defamatory stories.
“Our client has instructed us to inform you that if these demands are not met in reasonable time and in any event not later than seven days from the date of this letter, he reserves the right to take legal action against you at your own cost, peril and embarrassment,” reads the letter of intention to sue dated November 1.The letter comes amidst reports that the army is set to drop charges against Gen.Kale Kayihura.