Focus on your Goals – Bebe Cool slums students about people power of Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool’s Silent Majority Trolls People Power’s Bobi Wine at Makerere, asks Students to Focus on their livelihoods

Yesterday, Uganda’s legendary artiste Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool was hosted by the Lumbox community (Lumumba and Mary Stuart hall) where he offered free counsel to the youths who had convened in large numbers. Bebe Cool arrived at exactly 2:30pm in a Mercedes Benz alongside a Prado TX which carried a crew of Gagamel members. The event was held indoor at the conference room of Lumumba Hall. Surprisingly, contrary to what had been foretold by People Power leaning students days prior to Bebe’s visit, the conference room filled past capacity amid loud cheers of students who our sources overheard trolling Bobi Wine.

Bebe was received in a honory accolade with a guard of honour availed by the Cambodian Army and the GGB. In his speech, Bebe Cool advised the students to focus on their own livelihoods and forget about being used by selfish politicians who have hidden aspirations. “You see, my brother Bobi Wine claims that government is bad and has impoverished the youths. He forgets that by 27 years, he had a porshe Escalade ride and a shs400m mansion in a state he claims to be bad. Don’t you think this is contradictory?”, Bebe Cool said. “My humble appeal to you is that organise yourselves in productive groups, I arrange and we meet the concerned authorities to stamp out all your worries.

The government can facilitate your youth SACCOs”, he added. “Which person are you assigning this country of he cannot even exhaust the fiscal policy?”, Bebe wondered sparking a severe laughter across the entire crowds. In his conclusive remarks, Bebe Cool asked the students to organise a debate where they as intellectuals would judge who between him (Bebe) and Bobi Wine have better ideas for the youths since the general public has failed to rule out. After his submission, Bebe Cool handed over his support for the event worth shs 1,000,000 and left amid a warm hospitable accolade. He was accompanied by his host, Chombo James Bush who doubles as the CEO of Chombo Events.

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Bobi Wine’s indulgence into students politics at university has largely affected his growing People Power wave that at its initial stages once enjoyed full support of the students body. A section of candidates in guild races around public institutions have accused the Kyadondo East MP of sidelining with specific candidates triggering divisions among his youth supporters. This explains why even in his prevailing situation where his concerts are being halted each at a go, there hasn’t been any university populace that has overtly come out to show solidarity despite his wave having majority of guild


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