Churches That Shout As if God Is Deaf Led To Kirumira’s Killers Escape – Museveni

President Museveni while addressing the nation on Sunday night blamed the escape of ASP Muhammad Kirumira’s killers in Bulenga on “churches that shout as of God is deaf.”

When he visited the crime scene at 11 pm on the night the policeman was shot, Museveni asked the O.C of a nearby police station to explain but instead, she said that she did not hear the gunshots due to the noise coming from the Pentecostal church in the neighborhood.

(I was poisoned by the police – Bobiwine)

“I wanted to arrest the lady who is in charge of the Police station where Kirumira was murdered, but she said she didn’t hear the guns, one reason could be because of a nearby church where the noise was coming from.

“Why do churches shout as if God is deaf?” Museveni wondered adding that unarmed boda-boda tried to make a chase for the killers till a place called nine miles but in vain.

Kirumira and one Resty were shot dead on Saturday night in Bulenga as the outspoken returned home from a local function.

He was laid to rest on Sunday at his ancestral home in Mpamire, Mpigi district.

Late Kirumila’s body

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