Chameleon Breaks Up With Daniella And Fans Dissed Him

The Leone IslanNd Boss Posted this on his Facebook

Jose chameleon and family

Everything has an End!

I failed, I was not the  best I could be !
What else do we need, God had blessed us,Loved us, he will always be there for us:
STUPID people will think it’s a promotional craft. And put their stupid opinion. But for us who know what we are going through,Enough is enough!! We need to live beyond our egos!!

I am single and Not searching!!
I will be the last man standing D’

I let you be Be Daniella.
God bless you always.

I can’t prove my self more than I have
Only losers will prove 😏

You have been everything but enough is enough
I wish you the best.

Heartbroken but have to make a decision finally.
When the going gets tuff the tuff get going.


But The fans Responde with a negative artitude as you can see below