Cash For The Dead : List Of Members To Be paid By Museveni

73. Lt. Michael Shalita, Intelligence officer with the Internal Security Organisation, 1997. Shot in Kamwokya on orders of Museveni. Shalita was investigating cases of massive corruption involving top government parastatals like the Uganda Revenue Authority and the Uganda Posts & Telecommunications Corporation in which the Museveni family had an interest.
74. Brig. Fred Kamwesiga, 1997? Invited to State House dinner with Museveni and contagious poison put in his plate, for opposing parliamentary candidature of Augustine Ruzindana and calling Ruzindana a Rwandese unfit to run for MP in Uganda.
75. Lt. Col. Reuben Ikondere, UPDF officer, 1998. Murdered in eastern Congo on orders of Museveni for questioning why the First Family was plundering the wealth of Congo yet they claimed to be there to secure Uganda’s borders. His murder was covered up as a stabbing by the Mai Mai warriors.
76. Dr. Akiiki Mujaju, a lecturer in Political Science at Makerere University and dean of the Social Sciences faculty, 1998?. Mujaju was murdered in a faked car accident along the Kampala-Fort Portal road because he had got sensitive information on the NRM government’s record and was about to publish it.
77. Joanne Cotton, One of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999. The murders were planned personally by Museveni in order to scare the West and justify Uganda’s invasion of Congo on the excuse of pursuing the ADF rebels and Rwandan Interahamwe who were accused of committing the crime. At a press conference in Kampala after the killings, Museveni pretended to be very hurt by the tourists’ deaths and took charge of the hunt for the killers.
78. Steve Roberts, One of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.
79. Mark Lindgren, One of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.
80. Martin Friend, One of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.
81. Gary Tappenden, One of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.
82. Rob Haubner, One of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.

83. Susan Miller, One of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.

84. Lt. Col. Jet Mwebaze, UPDF officer, 1999. Shot in the forehead in Congo on orders of Salim Saleh with Museveni’s approval, for questioning why Saleh and Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba were exporting beef to Congo and looting minerals, instead of looking out for Uganda ’s security interests. The government claimed it was an accident but there was an unexplained gunshot wound on his forehead. His body was returned in a sealed coffin and his family was not allowed to view his body. His brother, General James Kazini, is still convinced that there was foul play in Mwebaze’s death.
85. Anthony Ssekweyama, DP stalwart and human rights activist, 1999. Murdered and a fake car accident staged to cover up, on orders of Museveni after he catalogued Museveni’s murder of high profile Ugandans and the NRA’s atrocities in northern Uganda. Fortunately, forensic evidence of Ssekweyama’s murder was smuggled out of Uganda and to the United States .
86. Charles Owor, national electoral commissioner, 2000. He was shot dead in Kenya by ESO agents and an accident faked after he protested vigorously at the massive rigging that robbed DP presidential candidate the 1996 election. Owor had sensitive and damning evidence of how Museveni rigged the 1996 election.
87. Henry Kayondo, lawyer and DP direhard, 2000. He was poisoned by the same East Bloc KGB poison used to kill Brig. Kamwesiga, which induces sudden heart failure and makes people believe it was a genuine heart attack. Kayondo was a consistent critic of the NRM’s anti-democratic tendencies and Museveni ordered him silenced.
88. Mukono, Uganda Posts & Telecommunications employee, 2000. Mr. Mukono was gunned down at his home in Namungoona the day before he was supposed to testify at a commission probe into shady activities in the company. The killers, sent by Museveni, left with Mukono’s briefcase where he had put files and official documents of evidence.
89. President Laurent Desire Kabila, head of state of the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2001. Shot dead by bodyguard of Col. Kahinda Otafiire. An ESO intelligence officer confirmed to Reuters agency that Kabila was dead when the rest of the world was still guessing.
90. Spencer Turomwe, opposition mobiliser and husband to Betty Olive Kamya, 2001. Although he was HIV-positive and was killed by Military Intelligence agents dressed up as doctors using a slow-acting poison injection because of his influence as a mobiliser and vocal NRM government critic. The government said they hoped his widow Betty Kamya would be intimidated by their murder of Turomwe but instead she became bolder as an FDC envoy.
91. Agnes Katama, managing director of SWIPCO procurement company, 2002. She was murdered and her death was blamed on a staged car accident on the Kampala-Fort Portal road because she was beginning to question too much the huge corrupt deals involving the First Family in government procurements.
92. Brig. Gad Wilson Toko, former minister of defence, 2002 Murdered in fake accident. Toko during a session of the peace talks in Nairobi had walked across the table and slapped Museveni, shouting angrily why Museveni a Rwandese was determined to fight “your wars in our country.” Museveni never forgave him for that public slap.
93. Christine Kania, a member of the Constitutional Review Commission, 2002. She was killed on the same day as Brig. Toko
94. Deus Mugizi, former Uganda Airlines manager, 2002. Gunmen came to his home in Bunga outside Kampala and as his mother pleaded for her son’s life, they said they had not come for property but for his life. Mugizi had protested many times at the sale of Uganda Airlines’ routes to the new East African Airlines which is owned in part by the Museveni family. He also knew about the four Airbus planes that Uganda Airlines was supposed to have bought and Museveni siphoned off the money.
95. Jonah Mulindwa, camera man with Presidential Press Unit, 2003. He was an eye witness to some dirty dealings that Museveni was conducting in State House. Museveni has a secret room in State House which only he opens, where he keeps a statue of himself surrounded by bones, skulls, and witchcraft items. One day Mrs. Janet Museveni opened the room, saw the skulls and bones and almost fainted.
96. Francis Ayume, Solicitor General and attorney General, 2004. Shot dead by Anthony Butele and them accident faked. Family was discouraged from viewing Ayume’s body. Ayume had been a strong critic of the Third Term project and was viewed as presidential material.
97. Robinah Kiyingi, Kampala lawyer and country director of Transparency International, 2005. Shot dead outside her home just outside Kampala . She had gathered damning data on her laptop computer on the massive corruption personally sanctioned by Museveni for his family. Transparency International had estimated Museveni’s worth was at $4billion. Museveni gave away his hand in Kiyingi’s murder by saying he had a great interest in following how the case and trial were going.
98. John Garang Demabior, First Vice President of Sudan and chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, 2005. Killed aboard Museveni’s helicopter. Garang had come to Uganda to demand back a huge cache of arms belonging to the SPLA which Museveni had stolen and could not account for. The altimeter on the helicopter was tampered with in order to endanger the craft and the SPLA using global positioning systems established that the helicopter came down inside Uganda and not Sudan as Kampala claimed.
99. Sgt. John Atwine, alleged killer of Robinah Kiyingi, 2005. Poisoned in Luzira prison to cover up evidence of his framing and Museveni’s role in murder of Robinah Kiyingi.
100. Kevin Aliro, Managing Editor, Weekly Observer, 2005. One of Museveni’s main methods of dealing with his opponents since the 1990s has been to hit them when they are HIV-positive and in that way few people see the cause of death as foul play. He did this with Spencer Turomwe and Kevin Aliro, one of the courageous critics of the government. Patriotic sources in intelligence who are disgusted with Museveni’s handling of the country passed this information on to the Opposition that Aliro was actually killed using the poison spray that Winnie Byanyima had feared the government would use on Colonel Besigye while in Luzira.
1987-Andrew Lutakome Kayiira was the Leader of Uganda Freedom Movement(UFM) was assassinated by the group of officer’s sent by Museveni.
1990-Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi late Habyarimana and Ndagaye were hit by missile at Kanombe on the plan of Museveni to attack Rwanda and killing of Hutu tribe.
2005-The freedom fighter of Southern Sudan late Col. John Garang was bomb blast in the sacrificed helicopter which was given by Museveni to fulfill his mission.
2007-The permanent secretary (PS) Defense then Brig. Noble Mayombo was poisoned to death reasons was to destroy the evidences of killing the Col. John Garang it was Museveni’s tricks.
2007-The person who assassinated Col. John Garang. Mr.Sadat was also killed in a certain Hotel at Munyonyo by camandoes while demanding his balance funds for fulfill the mission of killing Garang. Evidence on record.
2009-The former Army Commander Maj.Gen James Kazini was assassinated by the group of commandos who were planted in his wife. The all plan was originated by Museveni and his Brother Gen. Salim Saleh. Reason’s he was ready to exposed the killing of Col. John Garang.