Bobi Wine’s blood Samples have Tested positive for Dimethylmercury


Bobi Wine’s blood samples have tested positive for Dimethylmercury, a category 2 man made slow killing poison manufacured from North Korea. Research shows that absorption of drops as low as 0.01ml have been proven fatal with signs of poisoning manifesting after 6 months which is definitely late for any kind of treatment.

The good news is that diagnosis has been done at an early stage however his doctors have recommended thorough tests to be made at both the National Screening Center and poison control centers in the US and the Rambam Health Care Campus in Israel who possess capacity to detect all kinds of poison. Dr. Barbara Kirrane a medical toxicology consultant based at saint barnabas medical center in New Jersey has joined the medical team of doctors working on Hon. Kyagulanyi.

It is not yet clear where Hon. Bobi wine was poisoned but unconfirmed reports indicate this was done while he was arrested and held under military detention in Gulu and Makindye. It is not the first time for an opposition figure in Uganda to suffer from poisoning. Hon Hussein Kyanjo, former Makindye West MP revealed that he was poisoned when he became too vocal on the oil documents and sharing agreements that raised dust in parliament back in 2010.

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