Bobi wine speaks about the ongoing wars of words in Uganda music industry between Bebe cool , kenzo and many others.

Bobi wine at his home in magele.

Bobi Wine: “I expected you (the Interviewer) to tell me problems faced by people in your constituencies and a way forward to solve them. I look upon problems of million Ugandans but not one person. I used to do the cheap beefing when I was still young in mind but right now, am a responsible person, and am a grown up person,

 I cannot involve myself in nonsensical fights again, we don’t need fights, we want unity, that’s when we shall help our beloved country to go forward. We all know the the biggest problem in Uganda right now, and we need unity to fight it together. So if we keep on insulting, abusing or attacking one another that’s meaningless to us, its just taking us backwards.