Bobi Wine Ignores Bryn White And The Phaneroo Prophet In His Response To Them

(Annews24) Kampala -Singer and politician, Hon Kyagulanyi Robert alias Bobi Wine has finally replied the money spending socialite, Brian White whose real names are Brian Kirumira.

Bryan White has constantly attacked Bobi Wine for failing to empower the youth and yet he claims to know their problems.

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Much more, Bryan White claims that Bobi Wine is not a very good artiste and politician and should stop confusing Ugandans.

However, Bobi Wine has always kept quiet as he is not one to respond to insults but Bryan White’s attack on Bobi Wine’s political career last week was the last straw that broke Bobi Wine’s back.

Bobi Wine has finally responded and asked the socialite to stop spending money carelessly and looking for cheap popularity by attacking him because he has no free time to spend on idlers.

“Since I am an adult, i have no time waste with the nonsensical people,” he said.

It should be noted that aside from Bryan White, Bobi Wine has been attacked by Phanero PROPHET, and arch rival, Bebe Cool. In his response , Bobi Wine said that Their many Issues To discus About , Not That Senseless matter. Briefly (ENSONGA EZITALI NKULU SIJA ZIWA MAKULU) as he was interviewed and Asked About His Response on various Attacks He has Got .
He ended by saying that “we have Kyarenga on the 10th of November. Nothing else Than that.

Read more about Bobi Wine life in politics and why he is termed as the leader of opposition in Uganda now ( search for Bobi Wine on our website and you will get all posts about him . To read more about Bobi wine’s life during the Army torture visit

When Bobi Wine was in Prison, many campaigns were made and among them was the hashtag of #freebobiwine . Amnesty international also joined the struggle and this the part they played throug their site …

Bobi Wine and a family

Tell the president to drop charges against Ugandan musician and opposition politician Bobi Wine now

On 13th August, Yasin Kawuma was shot dead in the car he was driving during by-election campaigns in Uganda. Yasin was the driver of opposition party MP and musician known as Bobi Wine (real name Robert Kyagulanyi). Many believe Bobi Wine was the intended target.
Despite violent attempts to silence protests, many people took to the streets to demand his release. At least one person was killed and many others were injured. After intense domestic and international pressure, he was released after the charges before the military court was dropped.
But moments later he was re-arrested and charged with treason – a charge that we consider to be fabricated. 33 other people have also been charged with treason. The pattern of police violence, mass arrests and jailing of prominent opposition politicians points to a systematic crackdown on those who challenge the authority of the President. This crackdown must end now.

Send an email to president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni and tell him to free Bobi Wine and all those arbitrarily detained now.

We need to show governments that they cannot silence the voices of people who challenge them. Take action now.

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