Bobi Wine Has Jumped From Ghetto To Destablize Uganda

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine didn’t go to America for specialized medical treatment. “Yasiba Kiwani”Bobi Wine Has Jumped From Ghetto To Destablize Uganda

It’s now clear that Bobi Wine is the latest stooge for the imperialists who always facilitate coups against sitting governments and in exchange these stooges sell out their countries to imperialists.

Robert Amsterdam who Bobi Wine refers to as his lawyer is more of a political lobbyist than a legal mind. Using his political contacts, persuasion and public relations skills he will try to depict Bobi Wine as a political prisoner and key opposition figure in Uganda. Robert Amsterdam like any other political lobbyist has been involved in bribery and all sorts of disgusting political activism.

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Bobi Wine who acted for near dead decided to go to America in order to have access to his funders and sympathizers. His condition didn’t require any specialized attention, besides ask yourself why he chose America, why he had a press conference organized just a day after he landed, why LGBT rights activists have scheduled meetings with him. Bobi Wine hired Amsterdam as his lobbyist not lawyer.

Bobi Wine intends to use his claims of alleged torture to win over political support from unsuspecting western leaders and business moguls. Through this he will be able to fund his violent demonstrations with an aim of the sending the country into anarchy.


Robert Amsterdams role is to “act” as a defense counsel for hopeless, failed revolution leaders and hardcore criminals. That’s reason most of his clients are either on the run, in exile or incarcerated in maximum security prisons.

The Civil Society Organizations are also a great threat to national security and sovereignty of our country. Robert Amsterdam and Bobi Wine have created links with CSO networks in the West to lobby support which Bobi Wine will later use to set up his very ambitious, selfish and violent demonstrations across the country with an aim of over throwing a legally elected government and later pay back these foreign supporters by selling our country to them or liberalising the economy to them.

Fellow young people, please don’t be misled by Bobi and his group, these are not fighting for you but themselves. Look at the family of YASIN KAWUMA, imagine the pain ATIKU is going through without money to even afford decent medical care within the country.

The people power movement is maliciously undermining our national sovereignty through these various violent demonstrations they facilitate across the country, painfully the Bazukulu mobilised to participate don’t realize they are being used, don’t be fooled my brothers and sisters.

As Bazukulu cry for unemployment instead of bringing solutions on table Bobi Wine is busy with his “lawyer” advising investors not come to Uganda and calling on donors to stop giving us aid. Do you plan to take over a failed state, you think sabotaging the economy will force NRM out? How will all this benefit the Bazukulu chanting people power if you are blocking investors who create employement opportunities for them?

Look at Robert Amsterdam’s list of clients, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Thaksin Shinawatra, Giles Ungpakorn and now Bobi Wine. All his previous clients except Bobi Wine have been found guilty of embezzling billions of dollars and attempting to overthrow legitimate governments.

Giles Ungpakorn is the face behind the Red Shirt movement, you can now clearly see that this red shirt people power movement originates from this.

We are being threatened and intimidated but we shall not back out. If you can’t accommodate us then we have to fight until the last drop to keep the NRM government here, you have warned us to prepare for exile but we shall not back out. We shall fight for peace, we shall not condone violence, we shall keep the achievements of the NRA revolution.


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