Apologize To Your Spouse

If you’ve hurt your spouse in any way, humble yourself and apologize. Don’t just apologize, be remorseful about whatever wrong you’ve done and don’t make it a habit. A lot of issues in many homes could easily be resolved if apologies flowed freely and each person accepted responsibility whenever they were the point of offense.(reason why you should have sex)

We must strive not to offend our spouses but there are times it will happen (hopefully unintentionally), and when it does, we must be quick to resolve it and reconcile. The longer you refuse to correct your wrongdoing, the greater the damage will be. Nobody should have to plead with you and coerce you to apologize to your spouse, either. Let it flow freely out of you. It takes nothing from you to say, “I’m sorry”, “I didn’t mean it”, “please forgive me”, etc with a matching attitude.

If such simple words and actions will keep your home stable, why not do it? You must give the devil no place! If your spouse indicates that they have been hurt by something you did or said, don’t ignore their feelings. Being apologetic and taking every attempt to make it up, doesn’t take anything from you. Don’t let your pride get in the way and don’t make excuses for your offense; instead make adjustments/corrections.

Please know that if offending and apologizing becomes your trademark in your home, it’ll be hard for peace to reign and it will affect the trust/forgiveness your spouse extends towards you, so again don’t make it a habit. Whatever you do, be a promoter of peace and unity; your marriage needs both (and much more, including apologies) to flourish! Single ladies and gentlemen, take note!

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