Anite To Mugisha Muntu – Come And Join NRM Party of peace,Hon. Evelyn Anite has stated that National Resistance Movement (NRM) will be happy to receive their ‘prodigal son’ Mugisha Muntu should he decide to rejoin them.

Anite described Gen. Mugisha Muntu as a good man who has been in a bad party (FDC).

“Muntu he has always been a good man in a wrong party, in fact he is too good to belong to a party like FDC,” she said.

She stated that President Museveni ‘did several good things’ for Muntu but he was ungrateful.
“Mzee [President Yoweri Museveni] did many good things for him including making him army commander at such a young age but he became ungrateful and left his father’s home for the wilderness. It’s good he is severing links with those bad people in the bad company he was keeping and his story will end like that of Saul who encountered Christ on his way to Damascus and finally converted into Paul”, she explained.