Am banned From All Radio Stations Just Because Of My Ideology Of People Power – Bobi Wine, Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine has said that the government has blocked all radio stations and TV’s from hosting him or face closure.

He revealed that he was supposed to appear on two different radio stations and two television stations over the weekend but his shows were abruptly cancelled with short notices after receiving orders from the above.
‘‘Saturday morning, I was supposed to be hosted by Capital FM for Capital Gang. I was later informed that the radio was directed by UCC and received phone-calls from security operatives not to host Me.’’ Bobi Wine said
He added: I was called by other radio and TV stations and they confirmed that they received the same order- with threats that if I am hosted, they risk being closed.
He said the decision to cancel his shows the regime is collapsing and fearing its own citizens from speaking to the public.
‘‘If you were looking for signs of a collapsing regime, look no further. This is cowardly and unacceptable. The regime thinks they can stop us from reaching our people. They are doing things not different from what they claimed to fight against. Instead of focusing on trying to clean up the mess they have created, they are trying to cover it up. We have exposed them, they can’t stomach it any longer,‘’ Bobi Wine added.
He urged the media to remain bold and resist the state intimidation since the primary role is
disseminate the information to the public.
‘‘Article 29(1) (a) of the Constitution of Uganda states that ‘every person shall have the right
to freedom of speech and expression which shall include freedom of the press and other media.’ The highest Court in this country has also stated that “the right to freedom of expression extends to holding, receiving and imparting all forms of opinions, ideas and information. Everyone is free to express his or her views. Indeed, the protection is most relevant and required when a person’s views are opposed or objected to by any part of Society.” Bobi Wine argued.
He called the directive illegal, unconstitutional and immoral stating that it is the reason they are using phone calls to intimidate media instead of putting it writing.
“Perhaps the reason why they used phone-calls is because they know what they are doing is illegal and not tenable in the 21st century.I know that this Constitution means nothing to them, but it is important to tell our friends in the media fraternity that the directive is not only illegal and unconstitutional, but also immoral. As Martin Luther King jr. said, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” The media should, and must ignore it. Be on the right side of history, comrades! As these past events have showed, you are either with the dictatorship or with the people! The people’s side shall win,” he continues.
He added since the media is comprised, he will resort to using social media to reach out to his supporters adding that no one can block the voice of change.