Act 24 and May 1st: What the ‘yellow vests’ have in store for France,President Emmanuel Macron has promised significant tax cuts as he revealed his long-awaited response to nearly half a year of street protests … but that doesn’t mean an end to ‘yellow vest’ demonstrations. Here’s what they’ve got in store for France next.

Macron directly addressed one of the main complaints of the ‘yellow vest’ movement in his speech on Thursday, saying that he wanted tax cuts for people who work by significantly reducing income taxes.

But the main figures of the yellow vests movement have already spoken out against Macron’s speech, with controversial figure of the movement Eric Drouet calling it “Blabla” in a video published online just seconds after the leader’s press conference.
Similarly another prominent member of the anti-government movement Maxime Nicolle took to Facebook Live to call it the worst ever example of a politician “blowing smoke”.
Nicolle told AFP that the president was “incapable of issuing a mea culpa”, adding that “he has not listened to what has been said in the street for the past five months.”
So, perhaps unsurprisingly, plans are afoot for more action in France, with demonstrations set to take place in Paris and Strasbourg during Act 24 on Saturday and an even bigger day of protests on Labour Day (May 1st), which is a public holiday for the French.
For the time being at least, the plans for Act 24 are more vague and there are fewer Facebook events than usual.
In Strasbourg the Gilets Jaunes are calling for an “international event”, with organisers hoping that it will attract ‘yellow vests’ from Belgium and Germany.
So far, around 3,300 people have said they are interested in attending on the Facebook page dedicated to the event.
Meanwhile the hard left CGT union has called for a protest in Paris in the wake of Macron’s speech.
Despite few details being released of the Paris event, the Paris Préfecture de Police has ordered the closure of several Metro stations.
The RATP transport network announced that nine stations will be closed on Saturday from 8am, upon police orders.
They are Tuileries, Argentine, George V, Charles de Gaulle-Etoile, Concord, Franklin D Roosevelt, Champs-Elysées Clemenceau, Miromesnil and Assemblée Nationale.
If protests spread, other stations could be closed, find out live updates from RATP here.
There will also be a protest in Lyon although much of the city centre will be off limits to protesters and the same goes for the city of Rennes in Brittany.
“If the freedom to demonstrate is guaranteed by our legal system, it must be reconciled with respect for public order,” said the police in the Breton department of Ille-et-Vilaine.
In the southern city of Toulouse, a rally is scheduled for 2pm at place Jaurès while in Marseille protesters will meet at the Old Port.
But while it looks like this Saturday could be a fairly quiet day for the ‘yellow vests’, Labour Day on May 1st is expected to be much more lively.
One of the two events planned for the French capital is dubbed “the ultimate act” (see below), with the ‘yellow vests’ planning to take to the streets along with the ‘Black Bloc’, an anarchist group which tends to bring violence and destruction to any protest it takes part in.

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