A FaceBook War Between NRM supporters And Bobi Wine ( People Power)

This war came after one of the NRM posted this statement below

The Angry Management of Firebase (people Power) responded like this

My dear confused creatures called NRM supporters. We as Ugandans, we know everything about bobi wine. And Its ok with us Bobi wine to be a muyaye and homosexual. We are very OK with it. Bobi wine is a muyaye who is a self made man to his position as MP.


He is the true son of Uganda. We dont need NRM to tell us who he is because we already know everything he does. Nothing we believe you say. So stop making yourselves more stupid than you already are. Evenif you swallow razar blades or an elephant to prove your case. We dont care. You can swallow whole lake Victoria. But we still wont stop loving Bobi wine. Mzeeyi Bosco has NO shame. He lies like a pathological patient. How can a grandfather of age loose respect for himself to lie to that extent? We are all not stupid like NRM supporters to be fooled and blinded by a dictator.

Bobi has never tortured or beaten or killed any Ugandan. First blame your jajja Bosco for all the lies and false allegations against innocent citizens.

A liar is worse than a muyaye. Smoking weed and being a homosexual is nothing. We better have a muyaye homosexual president than a killer, liar, thief and dictator. Homosexuals are not bad people. Their only problem is that they love men, dicks and anus so much. We can deal with homosexuals than thieves and killers because you only engage in homosexuality by choice.

You dont get forced. It hurts being screwed in the anus but this regime hurts Ugandans a million times than being fucked in the ass. Ugandans will support a muyaye homosexual over any NRM candidate. Say all you want but we dont care anymore because we already being screwed by the Boscos. #PEOPLE POWER #NALOO

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