A Boeing C-17 plane of the Royal Australian Air Force sent chills down the spines of office workers as it passed between skyscrapers, just meters away from observers.

A number of videos of the C-17 incident have been released, one of which shows the giant aircraft confidently making its way between several high-rise office buildings in South Brisbane, Australia, up till the very last moment before suddenly turning upwards.


Despite the  stunt being part of the iconic festival named Riverfire, which took place on September 29, it left onlookers and online viewers literally in horror, with hundreds saying they are by far not amused. They claimed the pilot had taken things too far, narrowly escaping another 9/11.

“That could have turned into another 9/11,” one wrote. “Bad move on the pilots.”

Another added: “I see something that scares the s*** out of me,” echoing those that accused the pilots of “insanity.”

“It looks like 9/11. I can imagine that someone who was in the building that time and survived the attack and see this will have a bad time,” yet another user chimed in, with others stressing that a minor mistake would have been enough to lead to a tragedy.

Another user speculated on the way mistakes of pilots are reported in media:


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