Have you heard a local mission report this week? here’s one for you…this 5-minute reading will make your life time worthy …you’ll be blessed for sure…

CHEVRON Evangelism Project


Barangay Pamaypayan is one of the hardest fields the chevron had been (i can’t even mention those challenges in public)…but we believe God “shook” every listening soul in that place from the opening night till the last meeting, attendance had been consistent…

With 50+ people stood on my last appeal for baptism…only 20 souls finally sealed their decisions and got baptized…”only” 20…for i want all of them to choose Christ and be saved…

We left the field today with unexplainable gladness for the opportunity to serve God…we left 20 souls under the care of the church…and we left a whole community who have heard God’s message and left contemplating about their standing before God…

Please continue praying for our Bible students…many of them are struggling (our missionaries have plenty of stories to tell as they witness those struggles first hand).

Please pray for our 3 missionaries who will stay for another week to nurture the new converts and continue reaching and teaching to many homes…they will also help to rebuild the small church.

Also, 100+ children were able to learn about God’s Word through our children’s program…and we gained many friends.

i thank those hundreds of people who prayed for our work…i thank those who supported us financially…i thank all the neighbouring churches who supported the work especially to San Jose Church, Pamaypayan Church, and Mangagoy Central Church.

CHEVRON had been under Satan’s radar for along time but i know his armies trembled to our presence because we are supported by your prayers.

We would like to thank the Holy Angels for protection and our Almighty God for His guidance and for the many blessings…to God be the glory.

God bless you

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