10 Things You Need to Know Before Starting an Affiliate Internet Business

There are many attractions of affiliate marketing for anybody with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit. The business model is incredibly simple – basically find a good product, write a good sales page and then promote the hell out of it. However there are a number of other factors which influence an affiliate’s success and a few facts to keep in mind, or pieces of advice, that all affiliates should know before getting started. If you are not willing to accept or to follow the tips below then you simply will not see any affiliate commissions.Things You Need to Know Before Starting an Affiliate Internet Business

1 – 99% of Affiliate Marketers Fail
I feel this is an excellent place to start because it highlights how difficult making money online is – 98% of affiliates make no money at all and 99% just don’t make enough. If you keep this miserable figure in mind you will not take success for granted and maintain your motivation to distinguish yourself from the majority. You shouldn’t be dreaming of new cars and quitting your job in the beginning – this will come in time but focus on meeting your short-term targets and don’t get carried away. You cannot go into an affiliate business with the mind-set that you are going to have fast and easy success. You need to be realistic. Expect failure but learn from your mistakes and keep going and eventually you’ll make some money.

2 – You won’t get results straight away (without a large cash injection)
Another misconception that many new affiliates come into the industry with the idea that success can be instant. Unless you are injecting huge amounts of money on advertising, and promoting your site very aggressively, it will take a bit of time to build the traffic you need to make regular commissions. This means you will have to do a lot of work spreading your site around the internet before seeing any return on your time investment. A lot of those who fail and leave affiliate marketing simply haven’t been persistent enough to stick at it for the estimated three months it will take to see results.

3 – You will have to dedicate many hours of your time to see any success
Like most other businesses your success in affiliate marketing will be directly correlated with your dedication and hours contributed. Obviously there are other factors like talent and experience which are also important but there is no substitute, in many instances, for good old-fashioned hard work. I work full-time at the moment and spend at least two hours a day writing articles and marketing my website. You can get away with spending less time than this but your progress will be slow as a result. If I could put in more time I certainly would – it is just simple common sense to say that posting links in more places online will generate more click-throughs to my website.
Many people go in to affiliate marketing with the idea that they will only need to dedicate an hour a week (looking for huge success with minimal effort and investment which isn’t possible) or are worn down because they don’t see success immediately when they put in a lot of hours (consider point number 2). If you keep these last two points in mind, that you need to dedicate many hours for a long time to start making money, then you are in a good position mentally to achieve a good affiliate income.

4-Planning will save you a lot of time

Building on the previous ideas it is also useless dedicating many hours if they are to be wasted in the wrong areas. You should set out a complete marketing plan, identifying different achievable targets, and stick to it as closely as possible. This will stop you wasting time researching new marketing methods when you could be gaining greater exposure for your site, and from buying bogus products you don’t need. If you do your research before you won’t suddenly find half way through that you’ve been dedicating you hard work in totally the wrong marketing media. In an industry where the hours you put in are precious it is essential you know exactly what you need to do each day and crack on with it.

5 – Innovation is essential
This is one which is often overlooked by new affiliate marketers. They search for products offering a replicable affiliate money-making machine they can simply just recreate – let me tell you now that this product doesn’t exist and if it did it would be very, very expensive. In fact, just like in any other industry, innovation and breaking away from the normal will bring greater returns. There are different ways to innovate and I won’t go into great detail but these are just a few:
Offer a complimentary bonus product to go with the product you promote. This could be anything at all, an e-book, extra service, guide to using the product etc. – as long as it adds value for the customer they are more likely to buy through your link.
Write really top quality and unique articles which will go viral through social bookmarking.
Use email lists and social networking to spread the word about your product. Long and targeted email lists are worth thousands of dollars and even the world’s biggest companies value you them as an impressive marketing tool.

6 – There are many other marketers just waiting to take your money
As I said above, there is no instant and turn-key system for affiliate marketing, no matter how much you are told there is. There are many affiliate marketers out there who are trying to make a commission themselves by selling to you. Avoid anything resembling a get rich quick scheme and reading a good range of articles like this one is an excellent start in researching the industry. There are also other products which make unrealistic promises – from directory submission sites, backlink exchanges and cheap article writing services, there are a lot of people who will take your money without a seconds thought. Just remember that if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

7 – Site Build It is the tool the ‘super’ affiliates use
You may have heard of Site Build It – it is the biggest affiliate marketing specific website creation programme in the world and has hundreds of thousands of searches on Google every month. The program is tailored towards affiliates making money online so the support is second to none and everything is made to suit your business needs. There are also a huge range of materials to help you develop your skills as an affiliate and often I find these to be a lot better than a specially designated program. So if you want a quick and easy way to set up a site with the potential to make money then SBI is for you.

8 – Spend most of your time marketing
The reason you want your website creation to be quick and easy is because your time is better dedicated to gaining website exposure. There is little point having an amazing and pretty sales page if no customers are being sent to it. You can’t expect people to be driven to your site just because it is actually well designed, especially in the beginning. Obviously you want good content so you get repeat traffic and people spread the word around the internet, however your time is most likely better spent driving as much traffic as possible to your portal.

9 – There is no perfect model so you need to keep learning
An affiliate’s success in any niche is determined by so many interlinking factors that it is impossible to set out a detailed business model to guarantee success. For this reason you will need to experiment, coming back from efforts that didn’t work and enhancing those that did. If you can learn from your mistakes then you can start to make the improvements and find the tricks that make the super affiliates their money.

10 – There is money to be made
Finally I will be a bit more positive and say that there is money out there to be made. If you can follow the general hints I have outlined above, and build on these to add successful tactics to your business model, then there is money out there. I currently turnover well in excess of $10,000 a year and I only work part time on my different affiliate ventures – I also only spend a very small amount on programs like SBI which are absolutely necessary to my success. You too can have this kind of success and more, if you are able to mix the right blend of motivation, persistence, dedication and talent as an affiliate marketer.

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